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If you are are finishing up your degree requirements in the Summer and you are planning to take ANY courses in Summer 2016 to finish your requirements, you should NOT apply to graduate now. You will apply to graduate in June 2016.

You may walk in the Spring 2016 ceremony if you are within six credits of finishing your degree requirements over the summer semester. If you have questions about this please make an appointment to see your advisor.

Please understand that this means you are a Summer 2016 graduate. You will apply to graduate in June 2016.

If you plan to walk at the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences diploma ceremony for Spring 2016 you need to request to “walk” by completing the Google form here: Request to walk form

If you initiate the e-Services graduation checkout procedure by mistake (i.e. by clicking on the Survey Complete button) or too early in your academic career, please contact the Graduation Office (828-1917) immediately so that the action can be rescinded and the registration restriction removed.

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