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I have found that emotional resilience, knowing yourself, substance abuse traits, and social emotional learning are all deeply rooted in one another. Social emotional learning is important in knowing yourself. Knowing yourself and is crucial in knowing substance abuse traits. And emotional resilience is important in overcoming  substance abuse. I would say an overarching theme that ties these threads together is awareness. I think a lot of people overlook the importance of just simply being aware . Being aware of yourself, how likely you are to become addicted to something, and being aware of how you react to all of these things is vital in leading a healthy, functional life. Some can also say that being aware is the same thing or similar to being mindful. We have learned about the power of mindfulness a lot in the past few weeks, I think it is the strongest things that can change a person and affect their behaviour.


Another similarity  is between emotional resilience in the digital age and substance abuse. In many articles, and even in the lecture Nina Schroder gave us a few weeks ago, there is a strong closeness between being addicted to drugs and alcohol and being addicted to your cell phone and/or technology. Technology and social media releases endorphins just like drugs and alcohol do. They release positive waves in your brain, so they make you want to continue using technology. That same thing happens with drugs and alcohol. It’s interesting because in our group discussions we were also comparing the idea of “big pharma” and apple/google/big digital companies. Both corporations benefit from our endorphins being released because that means we will be coming back for more, more antidepressants, more opioids, more apps, more cell phone data. The more we come back the more money they make. I also think that is one reason America is such an unhappy country. America, nicknamed “Prozac nation” is centered completely around making money off of its members. I think antidepressants and unnecessary drugs can lead to addiction and too much technology is bad for you. I think it’s an interesting topic that I would love to learn more about, but as for now those are all the comparisons I can make.


In class these past 10 weeks, I really didn’t realize how much using social media can affect people’s moods and happiness. The statistics and data shown were shocking and kind of sad. I also learned the scientific effects of meditation on the brain, which was very interesting because I meditate myself, I just never knew the science behind it.


A change I have actively tried to make since taking this class was to not be on my phone so much, even when I want to. I have been trying really hard and although I slip up sometimes, I enjoy being the one observing my friends on their phones instead of sitting there with them enthralled with what is on that tiny screen. I make sure to treat having a conversation with someone the same as using the “first date rule” (to not have your phone out at dinner). Through this I have learned to be in the moment and to really listen to what the other person had to say. My ears have heard things in a different way, if you know what I mean.







I chose to include this photo to display the “handcuffs” that social media and phone usage have put on society to tie in with my paragraph stated above.

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  1. I really like how you tied all of the lesson into awareness, I didn’t really think about but it is very true because in all of them we have to be aware of who we are and what we are doing. I also like how you compared being addicted to social media is the same as being addicted to substance abuse because while people who abuse substance are looked down upon, no one really says anything to people that are always on social media because everyone does it and it’s so normal so no one know how much it’s actually hurting.

  2. I like how you related everything together because it allows for the bugger picture to be seen more easily. Just like you I have been trying to use my phone less and less each day and its so amazing how many more things you can experience and how in depth of a conversation you can have with someone else when technology is not in the way.

  3. I agree that awareness is what ties everything together. I never thought about it till I read your post. Thank you for talking about technology usage. It would be interesting to see what would happen if we got rid of all our tech..

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