As a result of my research, I have come to understand that police brutality is an issue that is greatly impacting the African American community. I have gone over several different situations of how police mistreat and abuse their power and they do not have any consequences. The system is stacked up against the black community and it is no justice for any of the crimes that the police officers commit. The police have the law on their side and they can just take someone life away and they will get award for murdering someone. The black community does not trust the police because police officers target them even when they are not doing anything wrong. When you are black and live in the ghetto that you can be stopped and frisked at any moment just because of the color of your skin. The police brutality is mostly toward African Americans. The number of shooting that have happened over the last decade of innocent African Americans being shoot while being unarmed and handcuffed is constantly growing. Then they police officers are getting away with murder and they are not losing their jobs. This is creating the police versus the community gap that is growing at a rapid rate that it may become unfixable.

I think that police officers need better training on what to do in a situation that involves a gun, knife, or a suspect is not obeying them. Police officers need to go through more psychological training to teach them not to be bias towards African Americans. They need to build a relationship with the community and not just try to tear it apart. Police officers should be held just as responsible as any other person in the country for committing a murder or shooting someone. They should not be above the law. The community needs to have faith in the people who are supposed to be there to protect us. We need to start this healing process now before it is too late because if we wait any longer then it will be a never ending battle of the people vs the police. That is something that we do not want nor need to go through because it will result in more deaths. So let’s come together and hold police officers responsible for their actions and get some closure with the deaths of African Americans in the United States.