No justice no peace

Police officers are using excessive force and they are getting off with just a slap on the wrist. Chaney and Robertson (2013) state that “the average length of time convicted officers spent in prison was 14 months” (p. 485). If citizens were to kill someone they would receive life in prison. This makes the police officer above the law. Friederdorf proves this point more by saying, “Too many cops who needlessly kill people, use excessive force, or otherwise abuse their authority are getting reprieves”. How is it that a police officer is not on the same level as other United State citizen? We all as United State citizen should be treated quality regardless if they are a police officer or a high school student. “Whites tend to excuse police brutality against blacks because of the racial animus that they hold against blacks” says Chaney and Robertson (2013)(p. 481). This is one reason from the black live matter movement. Blacks feel like their lives do not matter and is worthless. “Blacks are viewed as deserving of harsh treatment in the criminal justice system” states Chaney and Robertson (2013) (p. 482). The system is stacked up against blacks and feels like they deserves what they get. How does that make us equal? Blacks and whites are not equal and do not have a fair shot when it comes to getting a fair trial. “Two-thirds of complaints were dismissed without inquiry states Friederdorf (2015). If a citizen or someone complaints about an officer of the law and nothing is done makes it unfair. Police officers can murder someone and all charges are dropped.


Police officer word is gold and is law and they can change their story or change the story of what happen. If officers were to shoot and kill someone they have the right to manipulate their story. “Many police departments allow officers to collaborate on a use-of-force report and permit officers to view body cam recordings before writing a report to get the story straight” says Friederdorf (2015). That is not justified and the law is helping police officers are above the law. The trust that police have is police is slim to none because of laws and policies. “Police officers that have a union contract get mandate paid leave for killing someone, prevent anonymous complaints from being investigated, restricted amount of time they can be interrogated for misconduct, and prevent civilian oversight structures from being able to interrogate or subpoena them” says Friedersdorf. The union contracts prevent the “bad police officers” from being fired or removed from the force. Police officers should not have a contract that allows them to get away with murder and protects them from being interrogated. A police officer should be treated just like any other person would get treated if they were to commit a crime. The justice system proves to the community that it is not worth trusting and neither are police officers. “While police officers are empowered to use force, they should use the minimal amount of force needed to control an incident, effect an arrest, or protect themselves or others from harm or death” says Cooper (2015) (p. 1188). Police officers feel that they can do what they want because they know they have the law on their side. Police officers are human and they lie just like any other human being.


Police officers patrol poorer communities and the ghettos. Cooper (2015) states that, “stop and frisk and SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams create conditions conductive to police brutality, particularly brutality that targets black communities (p. 1189). The “stop and frisk” was very high in the 8 block radius in the black and Latino neighborhood. “94 percent of individual stopped did not have any previous offenses” states Cooper (2015) (p. 1191). It should not be justified for police officers to but a target on the black communities. “Blacks are more likely to be the victims of police brutality” states Chaney and Robertson (2013) (p.482) . The reason that blacks have a greater chance of being a part of police brutality is cause the police officer are targeting the poorer communities and the ghettos. The black code is defined as “designed to control freedmen and freedwomen by making many activities that had previously been classified as petty offenses to whites but was serious crimes to blacks” by Cooper (2015) (p. 1189). The black code still exist because an African American can commit a crime and get a larger sentence and a white person can do the same crime and get a litter sentence. “Black males are viewed as the prototypical criminal” says Chaney and Robertson (2013) (p. 482). Police feel if they patrol in the poorer communities they will make more arrest.