You and your friends are riding on a train and get into an argument with some people, the police are called and you are pulled off the train. You all are pulled off the train and words are exchanged between you and the police and then you are shot in the back while handcuffed. You are trying to breath but you are coughing up blood. You are bleeding out and the police officers continue to try to arrest you and your friends. Your last words are “I can’t breathe” or “please don’t shoot me” and it is all caught on tape with cell phones. The police officers are not charged and your murder was classified as justified. Police officers are supposed to protect and serve not to shoot and murder. Why do police officers seem to be attacking African Americans? Why are they so quick to use their guns to “resolve” the situation? If you need help you call the police but now you fear that if you call them they are not going to save you but maybe shoot or kill you. Officers want to go home to their families but so do the people they gun down. Everyone wants to go home but who is to say that a police officer life is more important than the life of an African American. Police officers decide how they handle a situation largely on the color of the person skin they are dealing with.

hands up dont shoot

Color of someone skins has a lot to do with how a police officer treats an individual. Police officers are more willing to talk and try to defuse a situation with a white male then a black male. Police officers feel that white people are less violent than black people. This thought process has a lot to do with the controversies of the police and the African American community. According to Chaney and Robertson (2015), “American police killed more people in March of 2015 than the entire United Kingdom police have since 1900” (p. 1). Having to deal with stereotyped because of the color of your skin and being thought of as a thug and not as a human being. How would you feel if you were driving down the road and you get pulled over and the police officer ask for your license, you reach to get it and then he shoots you. This happens to people all the time it commonly called “Driving while black”. People getting shot and killed by obeying the law. How about you are walking down the street and a police officer stops you and starts to frisk you for no reason. You feel like your rights are violated and that you have no say so in what is happening in your life. It’s like the amendments that are set in place years ago do not matter anymore because the police officers are the law and they make the rules. How would you feel if you were targeted every day you walked out of your house? Police officers constantly stopping you and frisking you and monitor every move you make. If every time you go outside that it could be your last. Police officer see one thing and that is the color of the person skin and from there they make the decision on where they are bad or good and to shoot or not shoot.


Police brutality and the shooting of unarmed black males is something that is a growing trend. Having a target on your back just because you are an African American just does not seem fair. The number of victims to police brutality is on the rise and does not look like it is coming down. This number is what is creating the problem with people of poorer communities. Police brutality has created a large gap between police officers and the community. This is a gap that is going to continue to get wider the more the violence continue until there is no way to repair the gap. The gap is growing larger because of the injustice and inequality that African Americans face on a day to day basis. The system is very injustice, unfair, and stacked against African Americans and they do not stand a fair shot in trial. Being gunned down for having a cell phone, wallet, simply reaching for something, or being accused of having a weapon when you do not is getting out of hang with being the reason to die. Police officers are here to protect and serve and the purpose is to make the country feel safe but people are more afraid of the police than they are the crime around them. It’s like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place meaning having to choose between calling the police and handling the situation on your own. Police officers are just as afraid of the people as the people are afraid of police officers. When you have a situation where both parties are afraid or scared of the other it will never end well. As a result of my research, I have come to understand that police brutality is an issue that is greatly impacting the African American community.