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“What solutions to the problem have been proposed in the past?”

Movements have been created to spark reform prisons and the rights of the people in them: all on the national, state, and local level. When examining proposed solutions that actually worked, the local community of Hampton Roads in Virginia set an example of true change. With a revolutionary plan, called the Transformation Plan, the use of money, re-sizing the correctional facility and partnering with community programs all made the rate of return go down drastically (para 8). Even though this Transformation Plan was successful on a juvenile correction facility, those older participants in the program shown great interest in the higher education programs offered which can be applied to older individuals in prisons.

Source 1: Toliver A., “Crunching the Numbers: Kids Behind Bars”. 
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Relevance: Its all nice to have ideas on how to change a system but for a local government to execute those changes and for those changes to work is important. Programs like the Transformation Plan are proof that strict patrolling of inmates will not “correct them” and just proves the research done saying that educational programs are the way to go

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