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Chunk #4

Write up a 400-word proposal for your ethically-reasoned solution to the problem.

Solution: The way that this issue could be tackled is reforming the way monetary resources are being used in prisons.

  • Breakdown:
    • GED programs expanded advertising in prisons
    • Instead of mindless labor, have workshops so that when prisoners leave they have skills for the workforce
    • Instead of punishing prisoners for crime in prison (substance abuse for example), have educational programs to fix the cycle: reform punishments for personal growth
    • Have staff supportive for prisoner change: the mindset switch from accusatory to positive thinking = hope for prisoners
    • Similarly to staff: active volunteers who can work as tutors/mentors
  • Ethical Framework:
    • The Utilitarian Approach: produces the greatest balance of good over harm.
      • Not only benefit inmates while in jail, but education gained can be used to improve society outside from new perspectives
    • The Rights Approach: best protects and respects the moral rights of those affected.
      • No one should be deprived of education. If someone has committed a crime it would actually be beneficial for them to learn the rights from the wrong and use that knowledge to others so that those same mistakes won’t be made again.

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