Pranav’s Science of Happiness Blog Post #2

Since the start of week 7 in SOH class, we have learned about Emotional Resilience, Personality traits, and Social Emotional Learning. In my opinion, they are interconnected to each other because they focus on human behaviors and emotional developments. These lectures has educated me that I have a lot to learn about myself. For example, I should track my sleep patterns, and time spent on social media because lack of sleep and more amount of social media uses can affect my personality and mood. According to American Psychological Association, personality is defined as individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. In the Week 7 reading assignment, we learned that there is correlation between the relationship of smartphone use severity with sleep quality, depression, and anxiety in university. The results in that article concluded that smartphone overuse may lead to depression and/or anxiety, which can in turn result in sleep problems. Personally, I don’t that much of a difference between these lectures; however the fact that they focus on different perspective of emotional, cognition, and personality traits. Overall the outcome of these lectures are they focus on a personal well-being and positive psychology, which relates us back to earlier content.

Since I have enrolled in SOH class, I have learned a lot about positive psychology and negative effects of social media uses. As a college student, I am stressed about my classes and grades so in order to take a break from studies I use social media. But after emotional resilience lecture, I have found out that social media impacts us negatively. Therefore, I have deleted and moved social media apps from my phone as recommended by Nina Schroder (Week 7). After completing Disconnecting for 50 minutes exercise, I have found out that if I hide my phone away during class, I tend to focus more on the lecture. Therefore, phone has been a distraction to my studies since my freshmen year. I wish I had learned it before that not using my phone for one hour is not going to affect my life at all. I have already made changes to one my daily habits – phone overuse. Before, I used to spend almost five hours and it used to distract me and affect my sleep pattern. But nowadays, I think I only use social media one hour in total, which is thirty minutes before lunch and fifteen minutes around evening, and fifteen minutes before going to sleep.

I chose the picture that is above because it represents that our young generation has social media in our mind rather than being interactive socially. We should limit our social media use, and should not post our personal life problems in social media because that makes us vulnerable to be attacked by strangers.

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  1. I also have deleted some of my social media apps and the ones I kept were moved to a folder far away from my phone’s home screen. It definitely has helped me focus more and not be as tempted to use social media. I also like to turn my phone off and put it a few feet away from me out of site while doing homework to help me stay focused.

  2. I liked your image! I also agree that I should track my sleep and cell phone usage. It would be interesting to gauge how much time I actually spend on my phone!

  3. I feel the same! This class has really made me realize a lot of issues I have. Also, I should change my sleeping patterns because an early night for me is going to sleep before 2am and I have stayed up till 5am multiple times, I need help lol.

  4. I feel the same way that this course has allowed us to learn more about ourselves in a deeper way than we are used to. Since the week seven exercise, I have been constantly been working on reducing my cell phone use. The biggest change I have been able to make with reducing my smartphone use is to put my phone down when I’m talking to people.

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