Pranav’s Science of Happiness Blog Post #3

Since I enrolled in SOH, every single lecture has been valuable and important, and that hopefully that is going to help my personal relationships as well as my professional career. Some of the topics were interesting, whereas some of them were new and taught me that we need to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. All of the topics that we learned were interconnected to each other. In Keyes’ model, we learned that absence of mental health, which is also called “languishing in life’ is as bad as major depressive episode. When I completed the Keyes flourishing scale, I found out that my categorical result was flourishing.  Flourishing means a person has positive affect, avowed quality of life, self-acceptance, personal growth, and positive relation with others (Week 1). The most meaningful topic was by Ms. Nina Schroder, when we did the Disconnecting for 50 minutes’ exercise. After completing that exercise, I have found out that if I hide my phone away during class, I tend to focus more on the lecture. The major overall lesson that I learned this semester was about Forgiveness by Worthington (Week 5), which taught me that we should forgive people in our life so that we can move on and do better things.

I have already started to apply the insights from this class to my everyday life. For example, I have deleted and moved social media apps from my phone as recommended by Nina Schroder (Week 7). I also hope to forgive my friends and family that I have had altercation with, as well as being forgiven by people that I have hurt. My favorite lecture was by Worthington (Week 5) because I learned that holding a grudge against something or someone is going to hurt myself. When I went to the Rams in Recovery Speaker Series this semester, I found out that parents are the most forgiving person in this world. Most of the stories that I heard involved their parents forgiving after the child’s mistakes. Also, during the COBE town hall, I found out that substance use and mental illness is associated with a number of adverse consequences, to both the individual and the entire community. The Rams in Recovery event was very emotional and it had a positive influence on me. After taking the VIA strength survey I found out that my top strength was kindness and my top weakness was communication. Therefore, going forward I will work on my communication skills with my friends and family.

Most of the time whenever I learn something new in this class, I always used to share with my roommates and try to have a positive influence on them. Even for the Final Project, I shared all the data with them so that they could be a positive and negative feedback. My biggest influence on my roommates was when I shared my Disconnecting for 50 minutes’ exercise, even they found out that using smartphone a lot affects our sleep quality, depression, and anxiety. They deleted Facebook from their phone because they were wasting a lot of time in it.  In this class, I have learned a lot about positive psychology and negative effects of social media uses, however, I still used to post my weekly media posts on twitter and have a positive influence on my friends and family. I got a lot of comments and likes regarding to posts and some of my friends told me that they might enroll in SOH class next semester.  I will continue to posts regarding positive psychology so that I can learn new studies about it, as well as keep up with the VCU COBE weekly news.

I included a picture about positive psychology because in my opinion, the main goal of this class was to teach positive psychology. Also in other words, science of happiness does mean positive psychology. Positive Psychology includes strengths, mindfulness, emotional being, forgiveness, and positive emotions etc. Positive Psychology interventions promotes positive relationship as well as fosters one’s mental and physical well-being.

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What Is Positive Psychology?


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  1. I think it’s super awesome that you’ve been spreading information we’ve learned in class to your friends and roommates. I personally shared the “4-7-8” breathing exercise to one of my friends, and she told me she used it a few times to calm down before a test! The information we’ve learned is so applicable to our lives, and being able to share it and spread it through our networks is very rewarding.

  2. I think its awesome that you changed your social media habits. That’s something that I hope to do in the near future, hope it’s helped your daily life the same way I hope it will change mine!

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