Weekly Post #5

When I was in school, we sometime would use different technologies to complete assignments with either laptops or computers. Although, each of us were not assigned our own device. We would use the same resource Blackboard, to check grades and find assignments.

My current Practicum placement is in Hanover. Each student does not have their own form of technology assigned to them from the schools, however, there are computer labs, laptop carts, ipads, ect. The school system seems to be on track to more LMS, but do not have the necessary means to provide for every student. Which means, assignments on the computer or through LMS aren’t as common as some other areas.

I think LMS can be extremely beneficial in the classroom because of the everchanging society, in which, is formed around technology itself. LMS allows for a wide load of different resources to all be located in one place. I think how you use technology, can determine it’s value in a classroom. Although, we are in a weird age of the learning curve being so large, regarding technologies; I do think the push will be a success for more LMS in the classroom.


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  1. How do you think computer science SOLS will factor in to the interaction between students and teachers?

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