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I have been teaching the Data Warehousing (DW) course since 1999. In the beginning there were few academic textbooks so I used practitioner-oriented books. Then I realized that a lot of the material was freely available from various sites on the internet. So after a few years I stopped having any required textbook though I had some recommended books including some that were available to the students as electronic books accessible via VCU library. My approach to teaching is an action-learning oriented one in which the students are introduced to concepts via fairly detailed Lecture Notes & research papers, practice via paper & computer exercises, & reinforcement via a term project that includes software implementation.


So as stated above, for more than 10 years I have been doing the ‘Find Things’, recording ‘Things’ & sharing ‘Things’ with students via Lecture Notes. Although I have been aware of many of the ‘People’ in the DW & Business Intelligence research & practitioner communities, I have not had a focused approach to ‘Find People’ as part of my process for course development & delivery. I already can see that this will add much value. Currently I have only added a few of these people to my Diigo library, with the main reason being that much time was taken up reading materials from the new authors that I found interesting.


Most of the internet resources that I have previously used in the DW class has been text based, though in some other short courses I have also used video tutorials which I found on YouTube. I intend to use video tutorial in the online version of the DW course to supplement my own Lecture Notes that will be provided to the students. It took quite some time to go through some of these video tutorials as part of Activity#2 and am not yet settled on any that I reviewed (e.g. , ).


Another reason why it took so long to complete this assignment is that before starting Activity#1, I explored the material on various links on I didn’t explore all of them but those that I read were very interesting and value-adding but of course took quite some time to read.

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  1. Nice to hear you’re so experienced with finding online resources for your courses. It’s a great approach, isn’t it? And by finding some of those videos–whether or not you end up using them–you can get good ideas for what you want/don’t want out of the materials you create for yourself. It’s all good.

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