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Week 2: Chapter 1

Art as Text

We were required to post to our webpage for testing as well as understanding that we would be making weekly posts. We know that the things we write are going to be seen by many people. When we are writing, we are inferring that someone in the near future will find our work, and possibly give us a job based on our posting. They will see how well we interpret pieces, and how well we can put our own spin on it to make it ours. Making this webpage and writing weekly blogs isn’t so that we can repeat what a textbook has told us, but rather explain how we plan on using that information in our future classroom.

Arts Integration

The website in itself was showing how we can apply the things we learn in the classroom to make something visually appealing. The purpose of this website is to essentially have a portfolio on how to integrate the arts in our daily classroom activities. The building of this webpage included course material, but also specific elements and directions to customize it.

Arts Education

We discussed the importance of art in the curriculum, but also noted that it is required. There should be hints of art in all of our activities, whether its using a different technological aspect to present information to our students, or even hands on crafts. Making this website showed us a new use of technology to compile important information.


Modification for K-12

Instead of having students create a webpage to compile what will be presented as blogs, I would have students create PowerPoint slides or Word documents for classroom activities. To nail the concept of art through text, students would be required to read magazines, online articles, and books to collect information relevant to the topic. Hopefully, students can find quotes and “one-liners” that really sum up the topic in the best form. Alongside the written art, visual art would be key to composing such work. Students would then take the information they have collected, and create a piece that they feel would best summarize the content they learned. Some students may choose to make a collage, others may make a poster, and there’s always the option of an online presentation. Students will have many ways to integrate artistic creations to present their knowledge and understanding of course materials in my classroom.

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  1. chris stevens chris stevens

    I find your blog post of week 1’s reading and class very insightful. You did apply the concepts
    learned without simply regurgitating the information. I also think you have some creative ideas as to how to adapt these concepts into the classroom. I would recommend that these types of projects be created in school, particularly depending upon the community in which you teach. I believe that art is a great way to encourage children and build their confidence along with their creativity, but if you’re asking them to do something at home that they are unable to accomplish, their creative ideas could remain ideas and never come to fruition.

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