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Weekly Blog 2

Using music in the classroom is a great way to engage students and initiate learning. When students have mnemonic devices to help with course material, it helps ease the anxiety when it comes to testing. A lot of students have a hard time taking in and retaining a load of information, myself included. We as educators can help sort those things out in order of importance for the student.

This week, we were instructed to create a song that would help a student remember an important SOL. Our group chose the scientific method, because it is something that is going to follow them through high school and beyond. These steps are important, and must be done in order. When there’s a song that they can memorize, it ensures that they will get it right every time.

In comparison to the reading, we were not learning with art while making this activity. We weren’t given a song that helped us remember how to make songs. Instead, we were instructed to make our own for our future students. Only when we introduce this in our classroom will someone (our students) begin learning with art.

Learning through art comes when students are taking information presented to them and crafting something that will show their understanding. When we created songs, we had to understand what we were going to be singing about. We had to know the steps of the scientific method, and what better way to memorize them than through a song? This week’s activity focused heavily on learning through art. 

Learning about the arts help students become interested in different art forms later in life. It is important for us as educators to introduce arts to our students so that they can grow as individuals. We need to teach them about music, poetry, acting, etc. However, this week’s activity wasn’t directly teaching us about music and how to make it. Instead, it was assumed we already knew how to make a song, and we drew on previous knowledge to make it happen.

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  1. chris stevens chris stevens

    I agree with you that we learned mostly about learning through art, but I think the argument can be made for any of these three or all of them in some way.

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