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  • The author talks a lot about the connection between creativity and student learning, in your opinion, how are intelligence and creativity related?  Are the notions of imagination and creativity captured within any SOLs you have found?  If so which ones, and in what ways?

I believe in order for a student to be creative, they must have some sort of knowledge to stem from. We often teach students information by the book, and then we ask them to CREATE their own way of solving the problem. In a math class, we have the standard algorithm which is used to solve problems when the information is new. After the standard algorithm is learned, we often have students come up with multiple ways to show how the problem can be solved. Whether they reverse the solution or draw pictures, their creativity is coming into play.

Students can also use their creativity to gain knowledge. I know there has been many times where I may not have necessarily known how to complete something or answer questions, but I tapped into a creative side in order to get an answer. In my Math 362 class, we were given two trees whose difference in growth was the same, but yet we had to answer which tree grew more. I knew the answer wasn’t as easy as “they grew the same”, so I took on a creative approach. I looked at which tree was tallest, and I got the answer by seeing which tree grew the most OVERALL. While there were many correct answers depending on how the student saw the equation, every students used a different way of thinking to show they were correct. I think that’s definitely something we have to keep in mind as educators. While our students may not see the problems the way we are seeing them, it doesn’t mean they are wrong.


I don’t think we can test a student on their intelligence on the basis of how creative they can be, nor do I think we can test creativity on the basis of intelligence. Every student uses that part of their brain differently, and it’s important for us to recognize that.


  1. We do definitely have to be creative when it comes to mathematics, something I sadly did not learn until college in the LSEE math courses. I had always struggled with math as I always felt it was something that had set standards and only one way to solve things. I never did well with that, and it wasn’t until I came to realize I could work in different ways and find my own process to solutions did I find that I was able to comprehend math. My own thinking and my own approaches proved to be much more effective than anything else. I was able to use my creativity to make a difficult subject manageable for myself.

  2. I like that you said we can test a student on the basis of how creative they can be because that can be measured differently. I definitely remember that tree problem from Math 362 and you are absolutely right everyone did think of the problem differently. For example, since they both grew the same amount I put that they were equal. However, they were not equal in total height so I wrote that as well!

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