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Size and Mass: Measurement activity

In this activity, students are to familiarize themselves with measurement in the metric form. Students are used to seeing everything in regards to feet and inches, but this activity helps them understand the correlation of the same object, but in meters and centimeters.  Students are instructed to measure things like a pencil, their own height, the length of their arm, and the width of their pinkie. Students are to measure a line on a piece of paper, and then are instructed to estimate the length of the line. Throughout this exercise, students are to make observations, conduct the experiment by measuring the objects, and form conclusions on how to put these measurements to use.


The purpose of this exercise is to have students be able to recognize and use the metric system in the future. This activity could be introduced by having a student measure the length of their pencil, and then use their pencil to measure other objects. This will help students learn how to make estimates. Students may find difficulties in trying to convert measurements since they are used to feet and inches. The metric system will take some getting used to. I would use this activity in my classroom, but I would make sure students are measuring the best possible unit. I don’t want them to measure their height in centimeters, or their pencil in a fraction of a meter. While those correlations will come later on, it is important for them to recognize the best possible unit for measurement.

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