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Blog Post Week 9

  • In this week’s reading, the author focuses on math and integrating art into math instruction. She gives several great examples of using music , visual arts, and literature to teach mathematical concepts. Choose one piece of art (song, book, painting, photograph, etc.) and describe how this could used to teach a mathematical concept. Try to include a picture of the art, or a link to the song, photograph, etc. to support your post..


This semester, I was introduced to a book series called Sir Cumference. This is a series of books related to geometry. The book Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi includes a riddle for students to solve. Once solved, the riddle actually gives the rule for Pi. The book has the son, Radius, interact with several people in different scenarios to figure out the rule and turn Sir Cumference back from a dragon to a King. The other books in the series also relate to geometry and would be a great introduction in the classroom. I will definitely have a set so that I can get my students excited about a geometry topic instead of reading to them out of a textbook for the same information!



  1. Books that relate to math are great. Stories are easy to remember so if that helps them remember how to do certain problems that’s awesome!

  2. Oh this is a really cool idea! Adding stories to math concepts will definitely help them remember it easier.

  3. These books are a great way to teach math through art. Having never experienced a link between the two, seeing all of these resources and hearing all of the experiences of my classmates really helps me build a foundation for doing this in my own classroom. I never struggled with math, and know that I was fortunate. I do remember students being told to just practice more, but if you don’t understand something how is that going to help? I think the answer is that it’s not. It’s only going to frustrate the student further.

  4. I remember my teacher reading these books to my class in 8th grade geometry! The fact that I still remember them 7 years later proves that using something other than number in math really helps. You can use books in science any subjects because you can make a story out of anything.

  5. I love the idea of learning math with a book OTHER than a textbook. I’ve never heard of these books and now definitely want to check them out further and think about adding them to my personal library. It sounds like, not only do these books teach concepts such as the one you included (pi), but more as well. This seems like a great way to get children engaged (through the story, and art on each page) and make sense of more abstract subjects.
    I also think songs are a form of art that work well to teach mathematical concepts. Songs often get stuck in students heads, and that can prove to be a good thing when trying to remember math formulas, and concepts.

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