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Weekly Blog Post: Week 12

In this week’s reading, the author showcased the power of collaborative art projects to “help students move beyond the wall of acquiescence to find their place in the community” through the mural project.  What organizations/entities do you think would want to collaborate in order to help facilitate the students’ perspectives? What experiences have you had in the past either as a learner or an instructor with other organizations in terms of integrating art into the K12 curriculum?


When I was in elementary school, I was part of the newspaper committee. Richmond Times Dispatch actually asked us to visit their facility to take a tour and take part in creating an article. I remember thinking it was so cool that we were going to be creating something that people in our community would see. We were also learning useful skills like how to make a catchy headline to capture the readers’ attention and strong word choice to keep the reader interested. I think things like that would help students see that their work can influence a larger group of people instead of just their classmates and myself.


  1. I think this would definitely improve a students learning especially if they were interested in the career or topic like it seems you were. Any opportunity to connect what students are learning in school with the real world is great and beneficial. It would be great to have this with a variety of career fields.

  2. First and foremost, I would love to be a student in a class where we had the chance to work with a professional newspaper or even simply act like we were one. It not only adds a new, fun approach for students to step into the mindset of being a reporter or a newscaster, which is something not many people in general usually consider let alone kids, but it also does incorporate important skills for both school and life overall. Students would learn the ins and outs of writing, how to do research and make sure it is accurate, and how to communicate with the world around them. These areas alone could be used and applied to any subject or any activity and help them to better approach them. Yes please to a partnership with a newspaper.

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