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Properties of Matter 2: Air Pressure

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Molecules move very fast and bounce off of surfaces. The bouncing by air pressure causes pressure. The pressure increases if molecules are introduced to a higher temperature, or more molecules are bouncing off one another. The formula for this is PV=nRT. P-pressure V-volume n-number of molecules R-ideal gas constant T- temperature. In this activity, there are constants for each situation. When the hole is open, temperature and pressure are constant. When the hole is closed, temperature and number of molecules change.



  1. Using the glove in container, have students stick their hand in the glove and pull it out with the hole open.
  2. note the feeling
  3. Have students stick their hand in the glove and pull it out with the hole closed
  4. Note the feeling

Purpose: Being able to have students feel the pressure and compare it to the volume.

Introduce: Talk about the relationship between pressure and volume and why they are constants in one part of the activity. Talk about n and T and why those are constants as well. Students need to be able to define these terms.

Difficulties: understanding why the glove won’t come out at all when the hole is covered.

Changes: More videos to help learning.


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