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Energy/Motion/Forces: Hotwheels

To discover loss of energy, students can use hotwheel cars. Students should measure the beginning height and the ending height of a hotwheel in order to find the loss of energy.




  1. Measure the beginning height of and record it on a table.
  2. Release the car and measure its ending height on the other side and record it on the table.
  3. Making a loop and find the smallest beginning height for the car to go around the loop and record the height.
  4. Collect the data and graph it.


Students should be able to answer questions regarding where there’s more potential and kinetic energy in the experiment.


Purpose: To get a better understanding of potential and kinetic energy and how loss of energy can be calculated.

Introduce: BrainPop on both potential and kinetic energy

Difficulties: Measuring it correctly

Changes: N/A

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