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Magnetism: Loudspeaker

Electromagnets need electricity to work!

A loudspeaker uses an electromagnet and a magnet to make sound. To make this work, use a nail electromagnet and a plastic cup to hear sound from a radio!


  1. Push the nail of your electromagnet into the bottom of a plastic cup.
  2. Clip the ends of the wire to the radio connections
    1. Do you hear anything inside the cup?
  3. Hold the magnet over your nail electromagnet
    1. Now do you hear anything inside the cup? Louder?

Purpose: Show that electricity can make things magnetic, and they are used in everyday activities!

Introduce: Wouldn’t use as an introduction to magnets, but rather a follow up once students are familiar with magnets.

Difficulties: Making sure the radio is hooked up correctly

Changes: Using paper to make a speaker

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