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Solar System: Earth’s seasons

The seasons occur because the rotational axis of the earth is tilted with respect to its orbit around the sun. The earth’s tilt causes the sun to move higher and lower in the sky as the earth orbits the sun.


Light Intensity!

Materials: flashlight



  1. Hold the flashlight at a distance about 15 cm directly above the grid.
  2. trace the brightly lighted area with a pencil and label it #1
  3. keep the flashlight 15 cm above the paper and move it to about 45 degrees from the vertical.
  4. Trace the lit area and label it #2

Purpose: To show how the light intensity determines whether it’s colder in the winter when the sun is lower in the sky.

Introduce: Crash Course Kids Youtube video.

Difficulties: Getting the angle correct and understanding that it’s intensity isn’t as great over the second circle.

Changes: Using this for older children. I don’t think this is the best activity for younger children, because the concept is hard to grasp.

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