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Blog Week 1

  • How do you think a personal web site, blog, or social media account could be used in your future teaching career? What has been your educational experiences with these technologies previously either as a teacher or a student?

I think the personal website is going to supplement my resume when I begin to search for teaching positions. My employer will be able to see the work I have done to show my competence in different subject areas. The personal website will also serve as an important reference when I begin teaching. I will be able to bring these ideas to my classroom and implement them where they fit best. I think the social media will benefit the relationship I will have with my students’ parents. Making myself present on social media websites like Twitter will allow parents to see what is going on in the classroom. They will be able to use theseĀ  to contact me without waiting on an email reply or letter home. I think both of these tools will show how eager and positive I am about teaching.

I have had to use Twitter in an educational setting before. We essentially used it as a virtual book club, and we had to respond to our classmates on the platform. I don’t think it was beneficial, because the replies were of the same sort as the Blackboard replies. There was a lot of “I agree.” replies. I believe it could’ve been used better if we were to have to tweet out our favorite quotes, shocking parts of the reading, etc.


  1. You make a good point that not every effort to use social media for educational purposes works well. Asking students to “respond to others” without a good prompt often leads to a lot of nothing.

    • Absolutely! That is why I appreciate the prompt-led replies we are to give our peers in this course. It allows for meaningful feedback.

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