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Week 3 Blog

Content: Virginia History SOL 2.5 A: The student will develop map skills by
a) locating the equator, the seven continents, and the five oceans on maps and globes;

Focus areas to address misconceptions:

  • Finding equator along latitude lines
  • Separating boundaries between continents
  • Map = flat globe

Pedagogy: Students will be presented with a clementine with an understanding that it is a sphere. Teacher will peel clementine and present flattened peel to class. Teacher will explain that the same can be said for a globe and a map. If we were to take a globe and “unpeel” it, it will be a flat and called a map. Students will then be presented a map on a promethean board and asked to highlight equator among other latitude lines. Students will be taught the continent song, and teacher will point to each continent as they are named. Students will then sing the song back to the teacher and be able to correctly name the continents. (I do, we do, you do). Finally, students will be grouped together and given a worksheet with the different continents and a balloon. They will be instructed to cut out the continents and glue them onto a balloon to make their own globes as a group.


  • Globe/puzzle/balloon
  • Map/Globe
  • clementine peel
  • promethean board


TPK: promethean board being used to show the equator & peeling of orange to show it resembling the relationship between a globe and map.

PCK: Using song to teach the placement and boarders of continents.

TCK: Making the globe with puzzle pieces and balloon.


Digital resources:


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  1. I like your idea for using a clementine as a reference to the earth and how it can be peeled away making maps. This is a really good example of taking a 3d and making it 2d it someone’s hands. The only thing I would change maybe have the students draw lines of latitude and longitude on the clementine before peeling so they can see that change as well. This would also be a great idea for teaching earth layers!

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