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Week 5 blog post

When I was in school, we rarely used technology in order to complete lessons. The school district did not have the means to provide a one to one ratio regarding technology. We mostly used computer labs for assessment purposes only.

My current Practicum placement is in Henrico. Each student has some form of technology assigned to them. I believe they have what is considered an LMS. Students sign in with their google account and from there, they have access to ample amounts of resources and activities. The teacher is able to assign things without putting it in every student’s “folder”. This makes it easy for her to substitute an assignment if something else falls short.

I think LMS is incredible and would encourage the use in my classroom. The amount of resources available to students within one central location makes it easy for the teacher to incorporate technology within a lesson. The workload for teachers seem to decrease by allowing the system to work at its full potential. Instead of using a planning period to grade papers, they are able to really focus on what is important in their classroom. Allowing parents access to the portal holds the students accountable for their work. Parents are able to see their child’s effort and progress within the class.

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