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Weekly blog 6

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  • Google classroom
  • Youtube
  • Computers


Students will use Google Classroom to get a basic understanding of the solar system. They will then use the worksheet to find fun facts about each planet. This lesson will be used to jump start a lesson on planets.


SOL 4.7 Our solar system

Students will have a general understanding of the order of the planets and what features make them unique.



The technology will enhance the content by providing students an online resource that will amplify their understanding of the solar system.


The technology will enhance the pedagogy by giving students the ability to work on the assignment at home before the lesson is taught.


 The pedagogy will enhance the content by giving students a preface to a larger unit on planets. By allowing students to do this an introduction, they can come to class ready with questions.


One Comment

  1. Samantha,

    My daughter Maggie chose your assignment to go through. Here is her feedback (remember she is only in 4th grade)

    “I did ms.kneers assignment and here’s what I thought about it. In this assignment we had to watch a YouTube video about the planets and our solar system then she provided us with a PDF that had a riddles about the planets. We had to answer them and then use the answer key provided to check our answers.I could totally see my teacher doing this for an individual project one day or for homework. I thought that the YouTube video was very informational and helpful and I learned a lot from it. My only problem with the PDF was that I could not download it therefore I could not type on it. If you did this for your class again I would recommend giving more instructions on how to download or giving them a separate sheet of paper to fill out the riddles. other than that I thought it was really good. It was entertaining and I wasn’t bored. “

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