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Week 9 blog post

Step 1: I found that a PLN is a Personal Learning Network that can help put the instructor in charge of their own personal development and allows them to explore their own interest. I chose to complete a comment about the benefit that best resonates with me.

Step 2: Making connections involves using social media platforms and other technology to build a support system to collaborate with other teachers. I chose to complete a comment about what relationship tip resonates with me. I wrote about using platforms that work best for you.

Step 3: Using twitter expands the network you can interact with at your fingertips. It helps breaks down barriers of distance. I chose to use Twitter as my challenge. I chose to look into twitter chats for my challenge.

Step 4: Using hashtags can allow others to easily find tweets based on certain topics or interests. Thought and opinions on relevant material are easy to locate with the use of hashtags.

Step 5: Blogging allows you to go deeper into a subject in your own blog or someone else’s blog. Stronger connections can form this way. I decided to set up feedly for this challenge.

Step 6: Content curation allows the educator to remain organized by providing the most relevant material to their students. There are a lot of websites and tools that can help educators focus in on a specific topic without having to sift through irrelevant material. I chose to share my pinterest.

Step 7: Building a PLN takes time, practice, and effort. It is important to remain focused on the purpose and do not give up. It’s also important to start small as to not overwhelm yourself. I chose to share my favorite tip about how to not get overwhelmed with the pln.

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