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Week 13

There are definitely some broad overlaps between and the SOL standards. The goals of are to inspire students, reach classrooms, and change the curriculum of school districts. The SOL standards want students to be able to use technology in a way that enhances the classroom and learning experience in order to provide them a more global view of the content.

I think the challenges of integrating the computer science standards will mostly stem from building time at the front in to teach how we use the technology present in our classroom. This will include internet safety, taking care of the computer, and the different applications on the computer the students will be expected to use. The other challenge will also be relying on technology to up and running when I need it. I have to always have a back up plan in case my technology fails me.

Overlaps between content specific and the computer science SOL happen when the SOL specifies the use of technology is used to change/manipulate/enhance the material being learned in the classroom. For example, in second grade, students are expected to know how to use technology to create graphic organizers. This is a skill students will also practice in their language arts block in order to organize their ideas before writing. This same pattern holds true throughout the remainder of the computer science SOLs from writing, math, and economics.

The Spheros are definitely a really cool piece of technology that I think students would love to use in the classroom. Depending on the grade level, though, it may be hard for students to grasp the concept and may turn into more of a distraction than anything. A piece of technology like this would probably be better for upper level elementary.

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