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Math 362


When learning to work with students, I was often told that no two students think alike; it was important for us as future educators to differentiate lessons to cater to all learners. It wasn’t until I did the visits with Math 361 and 362 that I really zoned into this idea. I learned that I can’t just present the problem orally and expect every student to have an answer ready for me. I think the best way to facilitate learning and get conversation going is to make it all relate-able. Adding students names to word problems, providing material they can get their hands on, and straying away from basic worksheets will help students feel more involved. I learned that students work better when they’re able to think out loud instead of being presented a problem and then having a space for an answer on a worksheet.  I think having a classroom that allows me to use the best method to reach every student will be a successful one.

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