I am a thirty-five-year-old single mother to an amazing eight-year-old girl. She is a major part of my experience with children. As a mother, I’ve learned that I cannot always be perfect, but in watching her grow and learn new things, I realized that teaching was where I wanted, and needed to be. I delight in watching struggling students learn new material. There is nothing better than watching their faces light up with understanding after a lengthy struggle to grasp a concept.
I have worked with many children throughout my adult life. I volunteer regularly at my daughter’s school. I have planned and executed multiple classroom parties, and activities through my role as room mom for my daughter’s first grade class. My most important role is that of a mother.  I hope to diversify my lessons and add fun to my classroom. Movement, art, writing, science and literacy techniques I have learned through VCU will be integrated into my classroom as much as possible. I hope to teach respect and cultural sensitivity to my students through being a positive example in those qualities. Learning new things is fun and I want my students to leave my classroom with a positive perspective regarding their educational careers.
I returned to VCU after already starting a career in the veterinary industry. To say my daughter changed my life is an understatement. She taught me to finally go after a career I sincerely love and deserve. I am excited to continue my journey in becoming an Elementary Educator.