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Student Interview

Over two semesters, We completed Student Interviews with math students in local schools. I enjoyed working with these students and gaining an insight into how they think about and process math problems. I learned that no two students are the same in how they understand certain material. One student may process math problems more easily when using manipulatives while another may rely on the standard algorithm. I have learned that it is vital to offer students multiple methods in order to understand  math curriculum . No two students are the same, and no two students learn in the same way. We must remain cognizant of this in our teaching or we are providing a disservice to our students.

Below I have provided a audio recording of my second interview process and the comparison between two of the students I worked with.


3D model


Children’s Literature Toolkit


  1. No two students are the same! It is hard sometimes to figure out how to meet the needs of all the students.

  2. Pictures work so well especially with the younger grades. Its always amazing how many problems they can solve through pictures that they couldn’t solve before. It is also interesting what you saw with the female student abandoning the pictures when the numbers got larger. That shows to me that the student understands different ways to solve a problem and chose to use the pictures whenever she can. It also shows adaptability and that she knows their are multiple ways to solve a problem and she can chose based on the problem which is easiest.

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