The Future

At the moment I have come to a point in my life where I am genuinely confused. If only I could see into my future. See what job I am going to have, who how happy I will be, and overall the kind of life I will live. Obviously it isn’t that simple and I’ll just have to see where this road will lead, but lately I can’t help but become a little stressed when this idea comes to mind.

I came to VCU wanting a major in the medical field which is why I chose radiation sciences. Technically, I am not officially in the major yet because I still have to apply. This intimidates me because the major is quite competitive and I still don’t even know if I will get into it. As creating next semester’s schedule is approaching I am having second thoughts. I know that even if I do get accepted into this major I will still be behind which would require me to spend more time at vcu to graduate. I am unsure of whether I am up for the extra semester or two, so I am in a predicament. ┬áDo I continue on this path or do I switch my major?

As the days keep passing by I keep thinking of how much it could change my future. I know switching my major isn’t that big of a deal now, but it could really change the how my careers will unfold. This is just another thing to add to my list of “things that are currently stressing me out.” I don’t actually have a list, but it’s definitely a mental one that won’t go away. Although, the thing I keep forgetting is that I am only finishing my freshman year of college, so I should’t panic quite yet. Maybe I am just being a little dramatic, but all I can think about is how my future will turn out.


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  1. Definitely don’t stress about this too much right now. I think that as your studies continue you will find out just how much you really enjoy this major. If you find that your passion for it is strong then I am sure that you will stick with it. If that passion happens to grow towards something else then go for it. Also, if that passion for radiation sciences is something you really love then I am sure that an extra semester or two would be well worth pursuing that dream!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I believe that when it comes to the conversation regarding my future that I to am confused sometimes, even though I have an idea what I want to do it still can be confusing. Also, I wanted to join the medical field and I still do but coming to college it has been a stressful experience and has me rethinking my future. It can definitely be overwhelming when trying to figure out if this should be the path that I take or if I take a similar path. I too have to remind myself that I am only a Freshman so I should not stress that much

  3. You’re not alone, including myself, it’s hard to see what the future could hold. Being only a freshman there’s a lot to stress about because of the little experience we have coming into college. Like the other comments mentioned, If you have a true passion to join the medical field, I think you should stick with it for a while longer.

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