-Simpler Times-

Sometimes I sit and reminisce of all the good times I had as a kid with the friends and family that I had. Growing up in the time that I did for sure could have been better, but I wouldn’t change anything. I can’t help but always wonder how I would have liked growing up in the same generation that my parents grew up in. Everything was more simple and classic. I cherish all of the memories and stories that my mom and dad have shared with me about them growing up because it gives me a taste of what my life could have been like growing up in that time.

Over the years new technology is appearing and taking away the simplistic lifestyle that my parents once had. Thankfully, growing up I was always a kid that loved to be outside. To this day I feel like I am connected to being outside rather than being inside using technology. If I can remember correctly I got my first phone in 7th grade which is a pretty young age to be needing a phone. During the duration of middle school I continued to always run around and play outside with my friends and had very little technological influences on my life until I got this phone. Even after getting this phone I can’t say I never used it, of course being a 12 year old kid I was super intrigued by something new and used it a pretty good amount. The years went on and I became more attached to my phone as many people my age were becoming. My attachment was nothing too crazy, but it saddened me to see the times changing. Not many people could hangout with one another without going through periods of silence while everyone scrolled through their social media.

I thought that in my years of growing up the technology and the way it was effecting the kids my age was bad, but then I are up a little more to the point I am at currently and began to look back. I began to see kids getting phones at an even younger again middle school or even 5th grade. It was unpleasant knowing that a good amount of kids now a days are going outside to play less and becoming attached to their phones more. What happened to the good ol’ days when no one cared about how they looked on social media? What happened to there time period where getting in contact with your friend was walking t their front door and ringing their doorbell? I simply just miss those times for myself and it is sad to see that not every kid has the chance to experience that because technology and phones are taking over the younger years. Kids are growing up faster and faster as the years go on and I can only imagine the toll it will begin to take on kids of the future and on.

Overall, I am thankful that I was able to be a part of the group of kids that was able to enjoy the simple things in life and not worry about constantly checking a phone. Now I am most certainly not here to say that the kids I grew up with and I did not use technology, but I have only noticed it becoming more of a problem. It hasn’t even been that many years since I was in elementary/ middle school which is why this whole thing is worrying me. I hope it doesn’t progressively become worse, although I am almost sure that it will. Everyone should definitely appreciate the simpler times they have had in their life whenever things become to crazy and complicated because it truly makes me feel more grounded and back to myself and I hope it can do the same for others.

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  1. I love this post. It reminds me a lot of myself. Growing up, I was outside from the time I got home from school until dinner was ready when it got dark. My best friend at the time lived right next to me and I miss being able to just walk over and ring the doorbell. As time has gone on, I agree that the phone usage has gone up dramatically. There are many times that I’ll be sitting with my friends or even my family and it’s silent. I’ll look around and everyone is on their phones and I’m just waiting for them to get off them. I definitely miss the way things used to be. Good post.

  2. I can agree, it is very sad to see a new generation come up that’s pretty addicted to being on their devices. I’ve seen it in my own home. Like you, I am a very outdoorsy person, to see my brother being very attached to his video games it’s very sad to see. I try to reach out when I can, but being in college puts a distance between us. We grew up in an awkward time, I feel. Where we kind of experienced both worlds, the time without too many devices, and when businesses really began to find new technology.

  3. Yes, I totally agree. My friend just has a one year old, so we always comment on how other people are raise their kids. For example, when we go out to eat, we always see kids on their tablets playing games while their parents sit there on their phones. It is surprising that parents do that now a days, some parents aren’t even raising their kids the tablets are. It is a crazy world we live in I just hope that I don’t end up doing that with my kids because I really doing think that it is the right thing to do.

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