Concept Experience V: Kay & Goldberg Revisit | Defense of my IP Platform

PART I: Kay & Goldberg Revisit

This past Tuesday, I wrote about Kay and Goldberg’s Personal Dynamic Media, in which I mentioned how they predicted that computers would be able to have music writing capabilities. However, this is not the only facet of computing that they predicted would occur. In their piece, Kay and Goldberg also predict that computers and computing technology would eventually produce pocket-sized devices that “could both take in and give out information in quantities approaching that of human sensory systems.” In other words, they predicted that devices would exist in the future that could produce and digest information at speeds commensurate with that of the human mind. Because everyone knows that the mind is so complex and yet so powerful, such technology would be worth a lot of money and would prove to be intuitive in the day-to-day workings of civilization in the Western world. Fortunately, we know that such technology exists today––in the form of the iPad, the Kindle Fire, and other tablets––and this technology has greatly increased humanity’s ability to be creative, productive, and inspiring in numerous ways.

After looking at their article from an exoteric perspective, it seems like a rather lengthy 14-page piece with many pictures and such. But, when viewed from a closer and more critical perspective, I began to see that Kay and Goldberg were on to something in regards to the future technology. Not only did they capture their audience with their rhetoric and their convincing proposals, they also visually stimulated the audiences’ (or at least my) attention with the pictures. I feel that this was because the pictures not only “showed” what was going on in their proposals, but they also aided and even promoted their ideas to an extent in which, without the words of the piece itself, would still satisfy the audience’s curiosity surrounding the new technology. Even for people who are familiar with the technology in the pictures and their future/current counterparts, the images tell of the innate wonder and excitement that, according to Kay and Goldberg, would manifest itself because “The Dynabook could be owned by everyone, and could have the power to handle virtually all of its owner’s information-related needs.” Everyone who owns a tablet today does not think of the essence of how great the technology is, especially since we are able to afford the technology much easier than in years past. Albeit, Kay and Goldberg’s predictions for fantastical and wonderful technology did, in fact, come to be, and it is truly amazing to see how it has become so prevalent in the world today.

PART II: Inquiry Project Platform Defense

Originally, I had had chosen to use the blogging site Tumbler to satisfy my creative and innovative needs. However, after reviewing other sites that offer similar, if not, better opportunities for publishing polished, finished works, I have decided to go with WordPress because of the many great customizable features available. From blogging itself to media such as pictures, videos, GIFs and more, WordPress has everything I need to publish my Inquiry Project in style. Furthermore, I dropped Tumbler because I discovered that it’s not as intuitive and as customizable as WordPress is. Nevertheless, I feel that I made a great choice to choose WordPress because it also boasts to “[power] almost 19 percent of the Web and has been downloaded more than 45 million times,” which is evidence that the site is powerful and is what I need. Additonally, I feel that the site will help me convey my thoughts to my audience much better than a traditional “term paper” because of the opportunities to implement different media into the work. In fact, I plan on inserting/linking at least one or two videos from YouTube and many images regarding my project into the finished piece because I think that they will give my work the extra touch of creativity that is needed. Finally, while I may be a conformist for choosing to use WordPress, I am confident that this platform will support the final version of my inquiry project because the site has worked for so many others before me.

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