Inquiry Project Persuasion Mapping

Combating Campus Campus Crime

Many factors contribute to high crime rates on college campuses, as well as the chances of being victimized, and the fear of being victimized. Generally, urban college campuses have higher populations of students and, therefore, yield higher crime rates. Other factors, in conjunction with population, contribute to high crimes on college campuses. Being smart and taking certain precautions decreases the chances ofvictimization. Therefore, while many factors exist that cause college campus crime rates to be high, preventive measures and increased education/awareness of one’s surroundings can alleviate both the fear of the dangers of one’s campus and the chances of being victimized.

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1 thought on “Inquiry Project Persuasion Mapping

  1. I’m struggling a little bit with the logic here, Kolton.

    First issue, are you writing specifically about urban college campuses? If so, that’s not clear in your main claim / thesis statement.

    Second issue, what you have listed as “Reasons” do not logically follow as reasons. Consider, for example, the third one. Is “Being smart and taking certain precautions…” a “reason”? It’s a preventative measure, not an explanation for your main claim. If your main claim was something like, “Campus crime is a growing problem that can better be prevented”… then, “Being smart and taking certain precautions would be a “reason.”

    Finally, your conclusion does not logically follow from the reasons (probably because they’re not all really reasons).

    Please read what Ryan Cales writes about logically reasoned paragraphs here: and here:

    Hopefully that will help.

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