Rampages Tutorial Time!

Below are tutorials addressing the topics about which we’ve received the most questions. Please email Kristin with any more requests! I’ll be adding links to this post as we generate more.

Creating a Rampages Account (How to)

Writing a blog post and uploading an image

How to Tag your Posts

Adjusting Site Visibility

Managing Comments

Building pages with menus and Categories

Aggregating student blogs – Part I

Aggregating student blogs – Part II

  • Aggregation troubleshooting: when it comes time to add a student blog, please note you’ll write in their blog url, not their email. 
  • Also note: if adding a blog url generates an error message you might try adding /feed to the end of it. Ex: rampages.us/kreed -> rampages.us/kreed/feed

Creating a “Mother Blog” – from Tom in ALT Lab

Site aggregation in one image! – also from Tom

Syndication 101

Infinite thanks to Jake, Ryan, Tom, and Amber for all their work!

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