ICE Reflection: Spring 2022

Part 1 What were the primary things that you discovered during the virtual simulated activities? What were your identified strengths and weaknesses? I discovered that there are a lot of assessments that I had not yet heard of and that I didn’t quite have the clinical decision-making skills to accurately identify which to use on… Continue reading ICE Reflection: Spring 2022

Virtual Gallery

Selected piece: My piece is a song called “Head Above Water” by Avril Lavigne. I discovered this song a couple years ago and felt more connected to it as a depiction of mental health struggles, but it was actually written about her struggle with the chronic pain associated with Lyme disease. I like the… Continue reading Virtual Gallery

Professional Bio

Krista Vossler is a first year Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Virginia Commonwealth University. The child of a naval officer, she came to Richmond in 2017 to attend VCU where she majored in health, physical education, and exercise science with a minor in psychology. After graduating summa cum laude she jumped at the opportunity… Continue reading Professional Bio

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