Homelessness is a huge situation that is rapidity growing in the United States. By adding a law to make homelessness illegal, it seems very absurd as most people cannot control whether or not they are homeless. Some people have lost homes due to loss of job, a lot of homeless people are veterans, and some were evicted and have nowhere to go. The article talked about how most parks claim to close after a certain amount of hours to minimize people trying to deal drugs. The article argue that the real reason why parks do this is to actually minimize the amount of homeless people sleeping on the bench. The article also talking about how these law have led to the dead of Jerome Murdough, a 56 year old man who was a homeless veteran. Basically officials arrested him as he wa sleeping in a stairwell and when he could not pay the $2,500 bail they sent him to prison. What I did not understand is this man clearly has no money as he is sleeping in a stairwell in New York. How is he supposed to pay a $2,500 bail? The prison that they send Jerome Murdough to was so hot and he was not treated well but the prison staff. He was found dead in his cell after he “basically baked to death” This man was a veteran who fought for our country, who somehow ended up poor and homeless in the streets of New York, and yet he had to die in the prison cells due an absurd law.

I know here at VCU alone, we have a lot of homeless people. Honestly I do not have that much issues with them as long as they keep to themselves. After the school closed Monroe park due to construction, I saw how many homeless people were kicked out. The park was almost like their home. Some of them accumulated so much stuff it was sad to see them have to relocate. I feel like if they do implement the law, especially in the Richmond area, it might ‘clean up’ the city but it just so absurd to throw these people into jails for something most cannot control.

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