Intro to ~Me~ I guess (plus a *WEBCOMIC REC*)

So. I’m Kristin. I like drawing, tv shows and webcomics, and generally making art.

I like anime (I’ve seen bits and pieces of all genres — currently watching Free!, Ao Haru Ride, Cowboy Bebop, and a whole bunch of others. My roomie and I are gonna watch Haikyuu!! and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood together).

I LOVE animated movies and shows. Treasure Planet, Lilo & Stitch, and Mulan are my favorite Disney movies. I like a lot of Disney movies, but don’t talk to me about Frozen. Most overrated film in history, I swear. I’ve seen a lot of Adventure Time and Steven Universe. I can’t wait for Bee and Puppycat to take off — if you haven’t seen the first episode, watch it here!

I’m down for talking about all aspects of filmmaking (including the industry’s standards in general and actually animating and music scores) so if you’re interested in that, we’ll get along!

The webcomics I read are:

  • Oh, and also, Homestuck, but that is something most people do not wanna get into.

Most of them are hecka queer.

I marked the nsfw ones with a “*” and the occasionally nsfw ones with a “~” so watch out!

I love that webcomic artists can create exactly what they want and share it for free all over the world (another reason I’m a supporter of net neutrality). It allows for more diverse art, and thus, a more diverse world!!

I also run an art blog, so if you’re interested in tutorials/references or looking at my art, take a look! There are tags on the side to help people navigate.

I’m also a feminist in every sense of the word — meaning I also support believe in the equality of ALL peoples, including those who are of color, are disabled, and those who don’t fit into the gender binary. If you have questions about stuff like that, you can ask me respectfully and I’ll try my best to answer them or provide some good sources. After all, I had to start somewhere too.

Thanks for reading!

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