The way society is today is exactly how Marx predicted it would be. If he could see what capitalism has done to our society, I know for a fact that he would be extremely disappointed. The inequality that it has caused amongst the people is actually scary and very unfair. Capitalism is providing the needs of those that I would consider to be the minority, and not the majority, and we need to come up with a way for a more even distribution. The very small numbers that are controlling the masses and making huge profits just isn’t right and is unfair to those slaving to make the money to meet their household needs.

There is an extreme rise of wealth and income inequality and it is exactly what Marx predicted would happen if there wasn’t a change for the better. In the article below (I have provided the link), Lowrey uses a graph to illustrate what we are discussing in class. In 2012 alone, wealth inequality, which isn’t discussed as much as income inequality, had risen significantly and is continuing to rise today, just at a slower pace than income inequality. The article also states that the top 10 percent of earners took over half of the country’s income; how unfair is that?? It’s the “Bourgeoisie” and the “Proletariat” all over again, but to me, more ruthless.

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  1. Hey Krystal, I agree that the distribution of wealth and money is very unequal and not properly distributed but what are some ways to solve this problem? I just don’t know if raising awareness to the issue is enough we, as a society needs to create solutions and stop putting all the pressure on the government. Karl Marx wouldn’t be impressed with how society has evolved but just food for thought, what if we put a limit on income would we become a communism society like China? Nothing against your post just some questions I have while reading your post and others!

  2. I’m glad that you pointed out that the small number of Bourgeoisie are controlling the majority; proletarits. I agree it is a scary concept to think about and yet it seems so normal to us. I think that it’s been this way for so long that people just learn to accept it as they grow up in this society because it’s believed that people with the most money have the most power. Thanks for think of that article!

  3. Krystal,

    Nice work. The current economic “recovery” has put those of us outside the top 10-20% in a very rough situation financially. Most of us carry little college education, or if they have a college education, carry significant debt, with no promise that they’ll find something that can provide and still make ends meet. An interesting sidenote: while the gap between the rich and the poor and middle class (what’s left of it) is growing in the United States, it’s actually decreasing globally. Can we still claim to be what Reagan referred to America as: “The shining beacon on a hill?” It doesn’t seem that way from my perspective.

    One quick correction: Marx wouldn’t have been disappointed in this turn of events. In fact, he felt that this type of upheaval was necessary to transition out of capitalism and into the last stages of socialism/communism.

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