Teenage Pregnancies

Seeing that teenage birth rate has decreased in the United States is a phenomenal thing to witness, but to see that isn’t the case where “abstinence only” education is being taught isn’t surprising at all. The rates are still decreasing, but in states where this type of education is being taught has the highest rates of teenage pregnancy. Growing up in this generation with the different types of movies and music circulated the radios and televisions; it’s hard to try to deter students from sex with the “abstinence only” method. Even without the media influencing teenagers, adolescent years are the toughest to get through with hormones raging and trying to figure out who you are. In my opinion, it is easier to prepare them at a responsible age so that if anything does happen, they know how to continue with the act safely. If students are only taught not to have sex and end up doing it anyway, they don’t know how to remain safe from STD’s, prevent pregnancies, and just being safe going about such a serious act. Sex has become dangerous with everything going on in the world, and at such rebellious ages, teenagers are doing exactly what they are instructed not to do. So hopefully they will change the education curriculum from “Abstinence Only” education to “Safe Sex Education” because being prepared for things has way better results than going into something blind.

I think if Weber had to speak on this issue, he would think this kind of problem is based on the cultural aspects of one’s life. Some culture’s have a strict background when it comes to sex and have certain things they do to make certain it isn’t being done; while others may teach their kids abstinence is best, but in case it does happen, how to be safe as well. Weber would also think this topic has to do with where they come from. If it is low income areas, that aspect of one’s life determines a lot on whether the kinds will be home alone a lot or will there be guidance in the household. In low income areas, parents are working multiple jobs, or it could be a cycle of kids having kids (Grandmother is 48, Mom is 33, and Daughter is 17).

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  1. Weber might also question the legitimization of this practice of abstinence education. I wonder if perhaps Charismatic Authority of religious based reason for abstinence is behind this trend. With the population of the world growing rapidly, it seems like instating educational policies on birth control would be priority among policy makers. I wonder the demographics of this abstinence based curriculum. If they are in low income areas, it seems almost criminal for this lack of education to continue. Children and abortions are more expensive compared to condoms and birth control.

  2. I cannot agree with you more! If abstinence-only sex education had showed lower teenage pregnancy rates, then yeah lets all be for it, but that’s NOT THE CASE. So, obviously there’s a problem and we should we want to fix it. You cannot address a ‘no sex education’ to teenagers who are curious and are most likely going to engage in intercourse. The problem is when they do engage, they do not know the consequences or better yet how to practice having sex safe. I also saw Weber tying this issue to cultural reasoning. Depending on your culture that can shape your sex education.

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