Double Consciousness

WEB Dubois is a man that expressed insight on how African Americans feel and exactly what we go through. As a racial group, we have gone through so many obstacles and it is now 2014, and we are going through some of the same exact things. Slavery in different forms, attacks on Blacks, etc., and if Dubois was alive today, I don’t think he would be surprised because he knew the solution to these problems would only come to pass if there was a change of mindset.

He expressed in many ways that double consciousness is something that no one should go through and is a horrible thing to have to endure. With double consciousness, you are seeing yourself through the eyes of others and in many ways a power struggle with what you know and what others perceive. It’s like a “judgment moment” that you are always caught in and always thinking about others views on your actions. Dubois also describes this as the 7th son of the races and also uses the analogy of a veil. This has the same concept as well with having a veil divide you into two people basically; who you are and what others see you as. Dubois says that these things give African Americans a second sight, which is an “intuitive quality” for us. We see what the privilege sees, but we also see the struggle that minorities have to go through in order to experience things that aren’t given to us.

One thought on “Double Consciousness”

  1. I find these comments interesting, especially as it relates to the Michael Brown shooting and subsequent protests. Whether Brown was at fault is not as important as the fact that the situation touched a nerve in the black community. From my perspective, there is a great level of frustration with the fact that the white community (two thirds of the Ferguson Police force is white) is not seeing the world through this “second sight” lens. The lack of empathy from the dominant racial group, especially in 2014, is appalling.

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