The Projector Problem

This week I wanted to talk about renting projectors from the library. For the past month I have been binge watching Game of Thrones so I could be all caught up for season 8. So I checked out a projector from the library. You are only allowed to have it checked out for three days. A week later I get an email from the school saying I owe them 650$ for the projector.

For starters, a projector costs 80$ max brand new online. Secondly, I returned it and they said I have to pay a 50$ late fee. This was very frustrating. Hopefully you all have had better experiences with checking out materials from the library.  Is there any way I can talk to anyone about getting a refund I feel like this was an unreasonable amount of money to be charged for.

Last Couple Weeks

The last few weeks of the second semester are here and the amount of homework and tests are at its max.  Final Projects and Exams seem to be filling my weekly planner and  everyone is starting to migrate to the library. Study groups seem to be the only thing that has gotten me through so far.

I have been having trouble with one class for my business major, Info 161. It is an online class which teaches you the basic functions of Microsoft word. I own an Apple computer and the program used for studying for the final test does not work with my computer.

I have been using the computers at the library, but it has been a pain. I am worried because the final is the only grade for the class which determines if you pass or fail the class. I am in the library very regularly, but It would be nice to be able to study in my form as well.

Has anyone used this program with their Apple computer? I have contacted the teacher and she said some Apples do not work and she had little answers.

Summer Job

For this summer I applied to a few jobs in my neighborhood back in NOVA.  I ended up getting a job at a hot tub store in Rockville, Maryland. My job is to move hot tubs and outdoor furniture.  They pay about 15$ per hour and in general I am pretty excited because I know the owner and I will be able to save up money.

On top of working full time I also plan on taking two online classes. I want to finish the classes in the first month and a half of summer so I have some free time to relax and travel.

After saving up a little money I plan on getting a car. This way I don’t have to borrow my parents car to go to work and I will be able to travel more freely and not have to rely on anyone for a ride.

Overall I am very excited with my summer plans. Is anyone doing anything fun for break?

Sophomore Year Housing

I am townhouse/apartment searching for the following year and I was wandering if anyone had any recommendations. I have looked into the townhouses off S Pine and a bunch of apartments in the surrounding area. I am currently using Zillow to look around. Are there any better websites?

I also saw people giving the option to rent rooms by the single. I was thinking me and my friends could each get one close to each other, or in the same house,  but I do not think this is cost efficient.

I found that it would be more cost efficient to get a whole place  and split the price with a few friends instead of the single room option where we all pay separately for the same house.

Are their any new apartment buildings that have caught anyones eye? I am trying to have a place before the start of summer so I don’t have to go searching over the summer.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks.

Winter is here

For my blog this week I wanted to talk about an HBO series that I have been rewatching, Game Of Thrones. Game Of Thrones is the only show I truly and completely nerd out to. For those who don’t watch Game Of Thrones, it is a fantasy tv show set back when kings and knights ruled the world. It introduces over 100 characters and countless locations and Households that are detrimental to the story. The 8th and final season is set to release on April 14th and I cannot wait. I am almost done rewatching  the series with my roommates. We are currently on Season 6.

The show has many famous actors such as Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, and Sophie Turner.  My favorite character is The Imp played by Peter Dinklage. When the Imp was born he was the oldest son of the king of the biggest kingdom in the tv show, but was not accepted as heir because he was a midget. Because of this he killed his father and started to create build his own empire along other rivals to his previous kingdom.

The final season is what everyone is waiting for. The anticipation for the final battle between the alive and dead has started since season 5 and I have been waiting patiently for too long.

Diversity Thrift

For my blog this week, I want to talk about a thrift store I helped at last month: Diversity Thrift.  Diversity Thrift store raises money for the LGBTQ community, homeless, and houses thousands of people in the Richmond area. Not only do they house the homeless, but they are promoting and supportive of the employment of felons and drug addicts for the purpose of giving them a second chance.

Diversity Thrift takes a variety of donations such as furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, clothes, etc..My job was to unload donations and clean the disco room after their weekly events. The disco room was the my favorite part of the store. It had a rainbow floor and disco ball in the center.

I have never seen a LGBTQ disco club before, let alone cleaned up after one. After every weekend event I swept pink eye lash extensions off the floor while dancing under the rainbow disco ball.

All of the workers at the store were the kindest, most caring people in the world. There was a woman I talked to named Ava. She had the most touching story that I will remember forever. She had a child at 16 and got addicted to Cocaine and Heroine for 36 years.

She is now fully recovered, has a full time job at the store, and has a cute sports car with her name of the license plate. She listened to all the workers and really cared about the well-being of all the volunteers at the store.

Even though I finished my required community service, I still swing by occasionally to say hello and shop around. Performing community service there is something I’ll never forget.

March Madness

One of the most exciting times for college sports is around the corner. March Madness starts the 19th which is only a week away. The teams have not been released for the bracket, but VCU is in the top of their conference  (Atlantic Conference) this year with a record of 25-6. This means they have a very good chance being in the tournament.

Currently we are projected to be an 8th seed alongside Syracuse, Ole Miss, and Washington according to Sporting News. This is a pretty good spot considering that there are 64 teams in the tournament.VCU has been apart of the tournament for 8 years consecutively, but has rarely made it far in the tournament.

2011 was the only time we made we made it  to the final eight and final four.  I am very excited to dress in gold and black and support our team. Hopefully this year we will make it far into the tournament.Also our women’s basketball team is doing really well and is at the top of their conference with a record of 23-9. They haven’t been in March madness since 2009. Hopefully they can also get a spot in the tournament and do well.

All in all I am very excited to be for the start of March Madness and all the school spirit that is about to come to the campus.  I hope to see everyone in gold and black supporting our school’s spirit.


Something in The Water

This week I wanted to talk about a festival that was just announced last Friday. From April 26th to the 28th there is a music festival in Virginia Beach, which includes some of the most prominent artists around the world. Artists such as Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and Migos are scheduled to play.

I am very excited because big festivals like these are usually in California or Florida and are extremely expensive. Tickets for the festival range from $150-$300 which is relatively cheap for a three day festival, especially with the artists playing. On top of this the location Is only a couple hours away from VCU, so traveling costs will also be low.

There is an estimated amount of 25,000 people attending . The festival is being held during VA College beach weekend as well which will bring in thousands of more people at the beach during the weekend. All in all I am very excited to attend and I hope to see some of you there.

Music’s Influence

For my post this week I wanted to talk about Rap Music. I chose to write my blog  about this subject because famous rappers such as Lil Pump, Offset, and Gunna have all released albums in the past 5 days. Rap music comes off to most people as violent, angry music with heavy base, but to the new generation of teenagers it has shaped how we act, dress, and interact.

Because rappers are idolized like this, listeners follow and mirror what they do. The new wave of “Soundcloud” rappers who promote the use of drugs more than anyone else has done before has caused an increase in drug use for teenagers who listen.

Because of this the whole culture of rap changed. Most rappers began to sip “Lean” and promote popping Xanax which are both very easy drugs for teenagers to get their hands on. As a result there was a drug craze.  In the past few months certain rappers have started seeing the effect on teenagers and have begun to promote not doing the drugs anymore.

Recently Future came out and said he quit the drug months ago, but did not make it public because he thought it would hurt his reputation. This shows how much of an impact these substances are.

I personally believe that drugs will always be talked about in music because it is part of the party culture, but I also think they need to take into consideration how they influence teenagers. Many have started to do so by keeping it out of their social media pictures and music videos.

Blog 18-22

For my blog this week I wanted to talk about the Jussie Smollett. Jussie Smollett is an actor in the tv series Empire. He has been in the news the past two weeks for reporting that he was attacked because of racial profiling. It was later found out that this was staged as a publicity stunt for his career.

He has now been  indicted for disorderly conduct for allegedly staging the attack and filing a false police report. He has been scrutinized by politicians in Chicago and many famous celebrities such as Carti B.

I am very shocked that this happened and am very interested on how the court system will deal with this. I would never in a million years think that someone would use racial discrimination to benefit their professional career. I personally think he should be charged for his crimes.

What do you think is the right way to handle this?

Update 3/9

Jessie Smollett can be charged with 16 charges adding up to 64 years in prison. The grand jury will make their decision in Cook County in the following weeks.