Music’s Influence

For my post this week I wanted to talk about Rap Music. I chose to write my blog  about this subject because famous rappers such as Lil Pump, Offset, and Gunna have all released albums in the past 5 days. Rap music comes off to most people as violent, angry music with heavy base, but to the new generation of teenagers it has shaped how we act, dress, and interact.

Because rappers are idolized like this, listeners follow and mirror what they do. The new wave of “Soundcloud” rappers who promote the use of drugs more than anyone else has done before has caused an increase in drug use for teenagers who listen.

Because of this the whole culture of rap changed. Most rappers began to sip “Lean” and promote popping Xanax which are both very easy drugs for teenagers to get their hands on. As a result there was a drug craze.  In the past few months certain rappers have started seeing the effect on teenagers and have begun to promote not doing the drugs anymore.

Recently Future came out and said he quit the drug months ago, but did not make it public because he thought it would hurt his reputation. This shows how much of an impact these substances are.

I personally believe that drugs will always be talked about in music because it is part of the party culture, but I also think they need to take into consideration how they influence teenagers. Many have started to do so by keeping it out of their social media pictures and music videos.

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