March Madness

One of the most exciting times for college sports is around the corner. March Madness starts the 19th which is only a week away. The teams have not been released for the bracket, but VCU is in the top of their conference  (Atlantic Conference) this year with a record of 25-6. This means they have a very good chance being in the tournament.

Currently we are projected to be an 8th seed alongside Syracuse, Ole Miss, and Washington according to Sporting News. This is a pretty good spot considering that there are 64 teams in the tournament.VCU has been apart of the tournament for 8 years consecutively, but has rarely made it far in the tournament.

2011 was the only time we made we made it  to the final eight and final four.  I am very excited to dress in gold and black and support our team. Hopefully this year we will make it far into the tournament.Also our women’s basketball team is doing really well and is at the top of their conference with a record of 23-9. They haven’t been in March madness since 2009. Hopefully they can also get a spot in the tournament and do well.

All in all I am very excited to be for the start of March Madness and all the school spirit that is about to come to the campus.  I hope to see everyone in gold and black supporting our school’s spirit.


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