Last Couple Weeks

The last few weeks of the second semester are here and the amount of homework and tests are at its max.  Final Projects and Exams seem to be filling my weekly planner and  everyone is starting to migrate to the library. Study groups seem to be the only thing that has gotten me through so far.

I have been having trouble with one class for my business major, Info 161. It is an online class which teaches you the basic functions of Microsoft word. I own an Apple computer and the program used for studying for the final test does not work with my computer.

I have been using the computers at the library, but it has been a pain. I am worried because the final is the only grade for the class which determines if you pass or fail the class. I am in the library very regularly, but It would be nice to be able to study in my form as well.

Has anyone used this program with their Apple computer? I have contacted the teacher and she said some Apples do not work and she had little answers.

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