Well, Here I am

I have been a teacher in Powhatan for 20 years. Education has definitely changed over time. I would like to acquire knowledge of teaching online to help students that may not be able to attend school physically. I like the idea of online education which allows students to interact with each other and collaborate on assignments. It would be nice as well to have students work together across the globe.  In my free time I like to read, write articles for an online business and babysit for River City Sitters. I have a daughter and step-daughter that are freshmen in college this year. My 22 year old son is on his own as an independent contractor building fences in RVA. My husband and I are learning to be empty nesters. My impressions of the chapter I read was that I am going to have to learn how to teach all over again for a different audience. I am however excited to learn how to do it. I am interested in testing out the connectivism theory that students can learn, synthesize and transmit the learned information back to others through the network. I already knew that many people learn a great deal of information through social networking. It is a great platform to gain attention and share information with others. Understanding and participating in social media is just a stepping stone to utilizing online learning. When I was studying for my teacher certification I was participating in distance learning at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA. I was receiving cassette tapes by snail mail and listening to lectures by the professors. I would  read books that that were assigned, type papers and send them back to the professor. Thinking about using online for this type of learning sounds so much more convenient.  I have had a twitter account for a few years, but don’t really pay much attention to it. I did it as a way to keep up with what my children were posting. I wanted to make sure they were safe. I have had a blog for writing for about four months. I have have been hard-pressed to keep up with it. It is a goal which I still want to make a successful place to write for others. I do believe that these technologies are a great way to communicate in a learning environment because it is almost real-time. You don’t have to “be there”, but you “are there”.

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    1. I think so, too. I already have to send things home and schoology has been a big help getting work to them, now if they only had direct instruction from us to go with it. It would be amazing.

    1. I thought it was pretty nice. I could work at my own pace. For instance, I could take an entire afternoon or time while my son was napping and listen to the lectures and work on my assignments. I could mail in my responses and the cassettes (which had to be returned). I was okay, but it took a long time to get answers if I had questions. Everyone was not emailing yet, so most answers were by phone or snail mail. I think with the technology we have now, those frustrations will definitely be non-existent.

    2. Okay. I am finding new places to comment every day. LOl I thought the experience with cassettes was okay because I didn’t have any other type of distance learning to compare it to. I liked the idea of not having to get dressed and go somewhere to hear a lecture. It was all right there on the tape. The instructions were mailed to me along with the tape and assignments. I never thought of anything working any faster. That is what blows my mind about so much of the digital presence out there. How fast things progress. Feedback is almost instantaneous and you can be anywhere in the world to receive it.

  1. Hi Kim!

    I noticed where you said you were going to “have to learn to teach all over again”, I am sure it can be difficult to think about how education is changing and evolving into something so different from what you are used to doing in the classroom. Even for someone who has experience taking online courses, and teaching during the “age of technology” it is scary for me to think to that we may be moving to an educational setting so dependent on technology. However, with great educators (like yourself) all working together to incorporate technology and find a way to adapt what we already do I think we can master a way to “keep up with the times” and retain the connections we find so meaningful with our students. I enjoyed your post!

    1. Amanda,
      I don’t mind learning more. I love to learn. It is the part about making it work for my students. I can make up twenty ways to help my students connect in person because I can look them in the eye and associate something “off the cuff” that I feel will turn on the light bulb. I am concerned about doing it technologically. 🙂 I will figure it out… as usual. I think working together, as you said, our brilliant minds ought to be able to do it successfully.

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