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For my module, I set up a concept map and then asked myself, what does this activity accomplish? I am a serious note-taker and I have to think about how students would best organize notes created in the module. The concept map that I created, I believe, would be an activity they could use to identify the specific reasons why the Transcontinental Railroad project was a positive or negative force and for whom. I would incorporate this activity after the note-taking and before the essay as another way to get a clear understanding of the perspectives of the groups they chose to research. I feel that this activity would allow them to look deeper into the content by analyzing more specifically why certain groups were affected the way they were. Technologically, they would they would still access this information through the Internet from the sites I have shared with them or the sites they have chosen to research on their own. I will have my concept map available in the module for the students to upload to their google docs and fill in to share with their partners and me to see that they have properly completed the task.  As part of my pedagogy for this piece, I will continue to monitor and remind them of using “acceptable” sites for their research and to avoid sites that may not be dependable for their type of work. I want this to be an exploration, as I am interested in what they will discover on their own through the process.

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