So, Where Am I Going With the Lesson? KWasosky



Cartoon creation by: Kim Wasosky



Well,  creating this module has been a very interesting project. I have learned so much throughout the process and have finally put together a complete module, or project more or less. I have added an extension lesson as an additional lesson to coincide with my first lesson on the Transcontinental Railroad. My extension lesson is for the students to create a political cartoon based on the time period and the information they gained through the research for the first lesson (module).

I have completed my module and have two students lined up who said they would complete the lesson for me. I think it grew into a much bigger lesson than I thought. I am not sure they will want to do it, but I will still ask them if they are interested in trying it all out. I will add them as members to my Transcontinental Railroad course and let them move around and see what they think. I want to ask them for some feedback on what they think of it, once completed.

From my classmates, if they feel like looking through it, I would like some specific feedback on whether or not it would accomplish my objective the way it is set up. Any constructive critiquing would be helpful. Monty, it took a long time to get the lesson set up just the way I wanted it. When putting together modules for online-learning, will it get easier and require less time in the future, or does it always require so much time? I really like the idea of having lessons online. We have an online textbook for my class and I assign work to students on homebound or those that are out sick and upload my notes to them so they don’t fall behind. Since taking this course, I have created a folder within one of my classes for a student who is receiving homebound instruction. I upload notes, the test, the link to the text and she is basically taking my class online except that she prints off the completed work and sends it in to me. I can most likely in the future, have it all done online and cut out the middle-man if I set up virtual hours where she could ask questions and we could have some discussions.

There are definitely some possibilities for my course here.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. By the way, Debbie Myers, I decided to take you up on the Google Draw for my lesson extension. It was fun to create.

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  1. I looked at your Module in Schoology – great work! I (of course) love the extension lesson using a political cartoon. If you use the lesson and want to have the students create a animation, let me know. My students use GoAnimate and I have the 8th graders create a animation on something they’ve learned in a core class. Your 7th graders could turn their cartoon and/or their essay into an animation. As always, you win the creative writer award!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I will have to learn more about the GoAnimate. If I learn how to do it, then it will be easy to show students, (I hope). LOL. You are always so nice. Thanks again for all of your suggestions. I wish we had a common planning. 🙂

  2. yeah, i think it does get easier, but I also think that designing online instruction does take more time than designing f2f. Just since we are not there to talk at them, you have to develop more activities. Great job so far, and I really like the cartoon assignment. Your modules are being designed for hybrid instruction, right?

    1. Thanks and yes, it is for hybrid instruction. Two of the three students who are working through my module have made their first opinion. I am excited to get some feedback from them. I have been thinking of other ways to use the schoology. I am going to try and incorporate some lesson or activity for the students with each unit that they have to complete online. Since I have a lot of collaborative students who are low readers, I will most likely pair students up and one will have the role of reading the information and the other will do the writing/typing. I did that earlier this year with a web quest that was completely done online. The quest was filled out online and shared with me to grade in schoology. It was pretty cool. Until all of our students have computer access at home with decent Internet connections, I will probably have to do activities this way. Our school system is working on a way to fund families who need good Internet service they can afford. That would be a really big help. I have enjoyed learning so much in this course. Thanks for your patience. I will finish up my activity with my module this week. Have a good night.

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