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On my final project, I have created a module lesson on perspective. I used the idea of whether or not the Transcontinental Railroad was positive or negative force dependent on the perspective of the groups of individuals who were involved or affected by the construction of the project. My objective is to get the students to analyze the different groups and determine whether it was good or bad based on their experiences because of the construction of such a major transportation advance for the country.

I feel like it is a well-thought out process and adds value and deeper learning as a lesson for seventh graders. There are some glitches, but I hope to be able to become more tech savvy and figure out how to fix them. I would like to try this module with my classes next year. I will incorporate some modifications for low readers such as collaboration for the reading over the notes and getting the notes written. We already work on writing as an activity that we are carrying out to offer more writing practice to assist the English department.

I have learned how to do things on schoology I didn’t know before, thanks to our ITRT, Michelle Martin. She taught me how to make things move smoother from one assignment to another. She didn’t do it for me, but taught me how, so I feel like I can do it on my own. I may need help, but as I teach my students, if you don’t know, ask. I have received feedback and very helpful suggestions from my colleagues which is always greatly appreciated. Thank you for your constructive suggestions and support that I was on the right track.

How would I grade this? Or, how do I want this to be graded for the class? If I were Monty, would check to be sure that the directions are clear and concise. I would want to be sure that the links work. I would also hope that it meet the objective that was intended. It was a lot of work. If I, myself, was grading it, I would like to hope that I would be harder on myself that someone else would. But hey, isn’t that person’s hopes when they turn in a graded assignment? Seriously, I would like it to be graded on effort, use of technology, creativity, and the possibility of some deeper learning experiences for my students.

Thank you for this learning experience.

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  1. I love your module – so complete! The websites you provided for resources are very thorough. You really should use this for one of your “deeper learning”lessons. The political cartoon is a great addition to the essay for students to apply what they have learned.

  2. Nice work on this. I know this a hybrid module, and those are tough to give feedback on, as some of the instruction (the f2f part) is not visible to me, so take my feedback with that in mind. You stated your learning objectives were:

    1. Students will establish a  personal philosophy about the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad.
    2. Each student will coherently express both the positive and negative forces of its affects on the different groups of people involved either directly or indirectly with its construction.
    3. Once they have completed their research, students will describe the effects that each group  experienced.
    4. Students will then support their original philosophy or that of a newly acquired  perspective due to research in the form of an essay, power point presentation, or a poster.
    5. They will clearly express whether or not the Transcontinental Railroad was a positive or negative project in the long run.
    6. They will use gathered information from three different groups researched to support their opinion.

    Your primary sections were:

    A. Overview of module
    B. Assignment 1
    C. Directions for notes
    D. notes for perspectives
    E. further websites
    F. Assignment 2
    G. Assignment 3
    H. Assignment 4
    I. concept mapping
    J. submit concept map
    K. Assignment 5
    L. Assignment 6
    M. final assessment
    N. lesson extension

    Feedback: I like the unit overview to start with. Remember with online instructions you can hyperlink anything, so for example you could hyperlink the word “perspective” to a wikipedia entry or another online resource that defines it. You list 5 assignments in the overview, but you have 6 listed on the main module page. I would consider listing the objectives alongside each assignment to make it visible for the students, unless this makes it look too messy.

    In some of your discussion prompts you may want to consider being more detailed. Especially with K-12 students, you may want to give really specific prompts, for example, change “Was the Transcontinental Railroad a Positive or Negative Resource in the U.S. in the late 19th century?” to something like “Was the Transcontinental Railroad a Positive or Negative Resource in the U.S. in the late 19th century? – Why do you believe this? And you need to really be careful when asking students to reply to each other, so for example I would change “Give your opinions about the experiences of one of the groups you have chosen. Comment on at least one other student’s discussion as well.” to something like “describe the experiences of one group you have chosen. Illustrate the social, economic, and financial changes that were brought about …….(i don’t know this content that well, but you get the idea). Reply back to one other student comparing and contrasting your described experience to the one they described. Provide your opinion on why these experiences wee different or alike….or something like that.

    I thought it was a little confusing how there is a link for directions for notes and then one for notes. I wonder if this could be organized a little more clearly. I am thinking in the main folder you just list the assignments, and then embed other things in those folders. I think you want the folders insider the main folder to illustrate in a simple form what this module looks like, so really just Overview, Assignment 1, assignment 2, assignment 3, etc etc. Then inside of those folders you can link to the other stuff.

    Try to rarely duplicate text. For example you list in the overview assignment 2 specifics, then list those again in the assignment 2 folder. I would maybe summarize assignment 2 in the overview and then give details in the assignment 2 folder.

    Great start on this. Happy Holidays.

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