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Transactional Distance– My Take on This


Through the first reading of this article, I was wondering how I will identify the level of autonomy of each student I encounter in the beginning of a distance education course. It will take some time to “flush out” how they will be best served on the online platform. Determining for each learner what their level of autonomy is and how serious they are to learn the material will drive how the course is taught.  It will also have to derive at the best level of structure I incorporate for each course and be prepared to differentiate those levels to each learner. I feel the dialogue can be kept at a constant because those that need the extra communication with the teacher can continue to utilize it, whereas a more autonomous learner can disregard and complete a lot of the work on his or her own. It is quite interesting to determine what will work best for each student. I had to read and re-read it because it is more math-minded thinking and I really have to work at that. I do think I finally understand the relationships between the three structures and how they can be applied differently. As an online instructor, the more I do it, the better improvement I will see in myself, which will in turn help the learners on this alternate road to learning.